“Design in China”​ e13 – BONNIE & CLYDE – The Best High-End Luxury Platform

The epidemic has changed the standards for beauty cosmetics in all international markets. Consumer habits and demands changed as a result of people staying at home. As new internet names and multi-brand stores invaded the market, mid-range and mass-market beauty businesses were up against the fierce competition. The high-end market held up quite well, and as a result, local omnichannel retailer Bonnie & Clyde became a dominant force, quickly launching outlets in Shanghai malls, such as the HKRI Taikoo Hui, Jing’an Kerry Centre, and K11.

It is a worldwide new luxury beauty gifting platform that gathers the world’s top new luxury brands from specialized industries, such as Natura Bissé, Chantecaille, ARgENTUM and Juliette Has A Gun. Moreover, the brand has successfully achieved double-digit growth without discounting because of its commitment to extreme consumer targeting and specialized micro-community content. Independent brands with personalities that provide distinctive technologies and ingredients are perceived as more desirable for Chinese customers than premium lines produced by cosmetics giants.

The brand has discovered an efficient way to satisfy the many cosmetic requirements of mainland China thanks to its exclusive “6+365” license for international beauty enterprises adhering to clean, safe, and responsible principles. This law streamlines the process between local customers and clean beauty businesses by enabling shoppers to test out all cross-border items in person, get the products in Shanghai within four hours of purchase, and make online purchases through Bonnie & Clyde’s small program. Furthermore, foreign niche high-end businesses can expand their market share in China due to their “6+365” licensing and “test offline, buy online” business strategy. Although Bonnie & Clyde does not have a clear competitive pricing advantage, it does have exclusivity because it is the only offline retailer in China where customers can find niche premium brands.

Bonnie & Clyde frequently facilitates organic, direct group sales due to the depth of brand and product communication from the KOL (key opinion leaders or influencer). The creative business strategy used by Bonnie & Clyde makes omnichannel marketing more than just a trendy term. Both the companies in the luxury beauty industry and customers benefit from it. Brand selection is one of the most critical factors in delivering the greatest customer experience. Moreover, the physical engagement that occurs within the Bonnie & Clyde store, along with the digital revolution in the logistics industry, is important in luxury beauty retail as well, particularly in the fragrance and skincare categories. The professional Beauty Advisors at Bonnie & Clyde have been trained extensively so they can help consumers rather than just sell them things. Customers may now shop outside the actual store since they have a personal beauty advisor.

Customers who purchase high-end luxury beauty products want unmatched service and a connection to the brand that extends beyond the product. The supplies are subsequently delivered to customers in Shanghai within four hours, often before they have even arrived home. It is gaining a more significant portion of the domestic beauty industry by solidifying outstanding customer service and engagement and utilizing digital innovations, making it an effective model for other foreign companies to adopt. Bonnie & Clyde will quadruple its retail footprint to twelve sites in 2022, encompassing all the leading luxury malls in Central, South, West, and East China, spurred on by their tremendous growth. Their new outlet location includes luxury shopping centers Chengdu IFS, Nanjing Deji, and Changsha IFS. Additionally, the business has partnered with China’s CDF, the biggest duty-free group in China, in order to grow its travel retail business in Beijing, Hainan, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. Bonnie & Clyde plans to open the nation’s first SUQQU concept shop, doubling the size of its mainland footprint.

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