“Design in China”​ e16 -Randomevent Shows China’s Capacity for Streetwear Fashion

Randomevent Shows China’s Capacity for Streetwear Fashion

Streetwear fashion has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the global fashion industry. What was once a niche for retail brands has now encompassed even the most prestigious fashion houses. The influence is undeniable on major runways like New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Streetwear fashion’s audience is truly global (and mostly young). But no other region has adapted it so welcomingly as Asia. In China, in particular, the taste for streetwear fashion has developed quite strongly, paving the way for local brands and the usual international names. Randomevent has been one of the country’s most successful stories of streetwear fashion.

The brand is frequently mentioned on Hypebeast, the lifestyle blog with a strong following in the sneaker subculture. That’s because, like many other streetwear labels, Randomevent frequently collaborates with other brands. From Puma in Europe to Gramicci in Japan, the brand has dabbled with the who’s who of the streetwear world.

Randomevent was founded in 2012, way before the street style went mainstream in China. It was the vision of Younker Hong, who was heavily inspired by the 90s pop culture. The brand’s stores in China have spacious, museum-like interiors with art pieces scattered here and there. But they stock in other retail stores, both in China and abroad. The brand is quite hyped on social media, with millions of followers on popular Chinese platforms. They are also active on Instagram but don’t yet have as big a following as on local social media.

In China, Randomevent has become a well-known brand, especially among Gen-Z. On the international stage, it’s best known for its collaborations with other brands. The collaborations are rather recent, beginning in 2019. Since then, the brand has frequently collaborated on capsule collections and sneakers. Hong’s strategy to leverage international brands didn’t just pay off in China but also earned brand recognition internationally. However, China remains their primary target market, where young consumers are increasingly interested in brands more in line with global fashion trends.

The designer defines Randomevent as a state of constant change. That value drives the brand’s vision and can be seen in its design aesthetic. While rooted in utilitarian fashion, there’s plenty of innovation and collaboration with other brands that produce fresh ideas every season. Hong now has eyes on the international market as he plans to open stores outside China. It’s fair to say that he has laid the foundation work, so any prime location like London, Milan, New York City, or Los Angeles would make a good fit for the brand’s design philosophy and store aesthetics.

Randomevent, along with other Chinese fashion labels, are shifting the streetwear trajectory because these brands compete with other well-established brands globally. So far, streetwear, in particular, and fashion, in general, have been influenced by Japanese brands that have cemented a rock-solid reputation for putting out Avante-Garde trends. Chinese brands are now making their way into fashion with branded experiences for consumers. They have followed a similar recipe as other successful international brands, but it may be too soon to predict what impact they will have on a global stage.

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