“Design in China”​ e18 – Florasis花西子 – An Innovative Cosmetics Company

Florasis – An Innovative Cosmetics Company

One can speculate that the pandemic may have impacted consumers’ willingness to apply cosmetics behind the mask. For the Chinese beauty market, however, such is not the case. Chinese beauty businesses have grown in popularity over the past year because of their premium products and stunning packaging. Since the epidemic, several Chinese cosmetics companies have experienced tremendous growth. There are a few reasons why China cosmetics businesses are becoming more and more well-known in the local and international beauty sectors. A Chinese beauty brand that originated in 2017, Florasis (known in Chinese as “Hua Xizi”), has become one of the most talked-about cosmetics companies in China amid the explosion of the Japanese and Korean beauty biomes. Lake Xizi founded the innovative cosmetics company Florasis in Hangzhou, China. The brand originally caught people’s attention with its Chinese brand name, “Hua Xizi,” which is derived from a well-known poem by the legendary poet Sushi. Florasis produces cosmetics with natural flower and herb essences, fusing cutting-edge beauty technology with a golden touch that symbolizes the Chinese traditional style and culture.

China beauty firms sell their goods at lower costs than western, Japanese, and Korean cosmetics while maintaining a similar level of quality and aesthetics. Florasis is heavily influenced by conventional Chinese fashion and culture. Both their elaborate oriental packaging and ingredient list demonstrate this. Florasis takes pride in exploring wisdom in traditional beauty rituals, inherits the philosophy of Chinese aesthetics, and adopts modern technologies. In addition to creating a modern cosmetic brand, the brand is dedicated to preserving and promoting Chinese traditional culture. Furthermore, the “flower essence nourishing eastern cosmetics” idea, as stated by the firm, is doing pretty well in the wake of the “guochao” movement, which spotlights Chinese products with a strong national character.

Chinese media seeking to understand the phenomena claims that Florasis sales would surpass those of Perfect Diary, the second Chinese beauty unicorn, in 2020. Florasis has a significant presence throughout all Chinese beauty networks. Their products are offered on Koala, Kuaishou, JD.com, Pinduoduo, Tmall, Vipshop, and Xiaohongshu. The vitality of Florasis aided its entry into international markets. On Singles’ Day 2020, customers from over 100 different nations and regions bought Florasis items on their site, making the company the best-selling Chinese brand overall in the world. The arrival of Florasis on Amazon Japan in March 2021 allowed them to capitalize on the region’s desire for “Chinese-style makeup,” which the Jing Daily magazine interprets as a symptom of a slowdown in the sales of Korean and Japanese cosmetics in favor of C-Beauty. A community website for Florasis fans offers comments from 150 co-creators, who get samples for each stage of the product development process. The company then compiles the input and makes the necessary formula adjustments while rewarding the feedback contributors with loyalty awards. Through this method, Florasis has discovered that young customers prefer the natural look of eyebrow powder and the hair-like strokes of an eyebrow pencil.

According to information provided by South China Morning Post, Florasis, which sells items directly to customers instead of depending on stores, was the best-selling cosmetics brand on Douyin, the Chinese equivalent of TikTok. Oriental aesthetics are what it signifies, according to Florasis’ branding director. The digital strategies used by the brand are profitable. In addition to Guangzhou-based beauty unicorn Perfect Diary, Florasis continuously rated among the top 10 color cosmetic companies on Tmall during the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival from 2019 to 2022.

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