“Design in China”​ e20 – EcoFlow 正浩 – Portable Power And Renewable Energy Solutions

China remains the world’s biggest supplier of photovoltaic cells. But it’s also one of the biggest markets for renewable energy. One company has tapped into the potential of renewable energy for portable generators. EcoFlow, one of China’s most recent unicorns, produces portable generators with batteries that can be powered with solar energy. Wang Lei, who earned his master’s degree from the CKGSB’s Master of Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation (METI) program, launched the company, which has offices in Shenzhen and San Francisco. It is currently valued at over $1 billion and dominates the Chinese energy storage market. The RIVER, a transportable power generator, was EcoFlow’s first creation. It is a portable charger with a 388-watt-hour capacity and a 600-watt output. Consumers quickly understood the benefits of the device and six months after its debut, the RIVER was ranked as the number one item in the Tmall category for outdoor power supplies.

After three years of development and research, EcoFlow unveiled the DELTA, a more upscale energy storage solution. It ended up being the most successful product launch on the platform. Since the epidemic, the use of portable energy storage systems has increased. Camping has become quite popular as a pastime, especially among young people in China. The need for mobile charging devices has increased as a result. Since then, the business and its products have gained a reputation as the leaders in the industry for producing clean, quiet, and sustainable energy. The iF DESIGN AWARD has served as a standard for exceptional design for more than 70 years. The prize jury recognizes outstanding design work each year. EcoFlow’s products the 400W Solar Panel, DELTA Pro, DELTA Max, and Smart Generator won the award.

China’s portable generator market is quite saturated. Currently, EcoFlow has five competitors which include Bluetti, Goal Zero, Jackery, RENOGY, Rockpals, and Zendure. Bluetti’s product AC200 combines outdoor mobility with features for domestic emergencies. Another competitor Goal Zero Solar was founded to help underprivileged areas in Africa. Goal Zero’s energy storage power supply is built with various capacities. Its products can be fastened to a backpack so that it can capture solar energy while traveling. On the other hand, Jackery’s products are used to convert a power bank into a cost-effective portable energy storage power source. Jackery introduced the SolarSaga line of solar panels, which when coupled with a mobile power source may create a tiny solar power-producing system. RENOGY is a company that offers a full range of DIY private grid remodeling products. They provide basic tools and accessories including batteries, inverters, solar panels, and wiring. Rockpals’ portable energy storage power source resembles a conventional radio and caters to the requirements of customers in various economic situations by offering DIY guides and discount programs. Lastly, Zendure offers products like rapid charging heads and data connections. The consistent suitcase-like design of Zendure’s goods serves to emphasize that they are primarily intended for use in outdoor and travel-related situations. Despite the stiff competition, EcoFlow has managed to grow not just at home but also abroad, especially in North America and Europe. 

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