“Design in China”​ e25 – CHANDO 自然堂 – The Leading Chinese Cosmetic Brand

Chando – The Leading Chinese Cosmetic Brand
The beauty industry in China is expanding quickly. China has a long, illustrious history in the cosmetics industry. However, as it strives to surpass the United States, the second-largest cosmetics industry in the world is fast evolving in terms of its customer base and operational structure, in addition to its size. The middle class in China has expanded along with its purchasing power in recent decades as the country’s economy has developed. On the shopping list, cosmetics and other beauty goods are heavily featured. However, the cosmetics business in this country is interestingly deviating from the rest of the world by focusing more on local brands, such as Chando, a well-known domestic name.

Chando a top-tier C-beauty brand, was initially founded in Shanghai in 2001. The brand is especially motivated by the beauty and rich cultural history of the Himalayas and adheres to the Chinese idea that there is harmony between humans and the environment. As a result, Himalayan natural elements, including snowfield flora, sea minerals, and glacier water, are blended into Chando beauty products. The company employs technology to create its cosmetics and ensure they are compatible with Asian skin. Chando caters to younger clients. Some of Chando’s marketing initiatives have attracted significant support, such as the Mother’s Day-launched Chando Love Lines campaign, reminiscent of Dove’s true beauty initiative. Instead of seeking cosmetic treatments, advertising urged women to appreciate their “natural beauty” lines and indications. Chando worked with the “CrossFire” video game to integrate their cosmetics into the game by providing individualized equipment and character appearances for the men’s skincare brand.
We have seen that the Chinese entertainment sector and digital social apps such as TikTok continue to acquire market share despite the present pandemic crisis. With 197.2 million daily viewers, one of the most well-liked online video hubs for young people in China is Bilibili, and Chando teamed with them in 2019. Chando took advantage of social media during the pandemic through their campaign for college freshmen dubbed “Next Station, Freshmen.” In a four-minute short film campaign, three high school graduates’ experiences and hardships during the pandemic in the first half of 2020 are shown. The campaign slogan, “There is no destination for dreams, only next stops,” was simultaneously promoted by the brand in 22 university subway stations across the nation. Chando also asked Weibo users to share their experiences with the Gaokao (China’s college entrance exam) using the campaign hashtag. The brand sent freshmen gift packages to the top 10 stories that were shared.

To connect with their devoted fans through social media, Chando’s WeChat mini-program hosted a special live-streaming event, with Mr. Zheng Chunying, the company’s CEO, as the primary guest. The two-hour live-streaming event featured the business’s primary manufacturing lines and R&D facilities rather than merchandise to demonstrate how the brand created its goods. According to Tencent Live data, nearly a million people watched the two-hour live show. Customers could also click a link to go directly to Chando’s WeChat mini-program shop, where they could sign up as members and scan QR codes supplied by the live-streaming hosts to receive a voucher. On its mini-program store, Chando divided the material into two sections: a page for product seeding and one for its beauty academy. Key opinion consumers (KOCs) or beauty influencers are asked to offer their opinions about Chando’s goods on the product seeding page. Because many individuals in China are still unfamiliar with multi-step cosmetic procedures, the beauty academy’s database of articles includes information on products and makeup lessons.

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