“Design in China” e26 – 完美日记 Perfect Diary – Chinese Cosmetics Brand To Go Global

The king of Chinese cosmetics companies is hands-down Perfect Diary. It performs remarkably well in the Chinese cosmetics industry. The online direct-to-consumer company, quickly distinguished itself as a rival to major multinational color cosmetics companies like Maybelline and Mac Cosmetics.

The brand places high importance on product design, and many products have eye-catching packaging. It is one of the first Chinese cosmetics companies to go international. The Perfect Diary brand’s motto, beauty has no boundaries, encourages the younger generation to push themselves and find new chances in life.

The brand’s target market is young women between the ages of 18 and 25. In March 2017, it began conducting business online on Taobao and Tmall. After half a year, Perfect Diary introduced three pop-up stores in Shanghai and a WeChat store. In 2018, it established a JD store and a Douyin store. As of January 2019, it was the proprietor of Guangzhou’s first offline experience store. In China, it now has over 40 physical locations.

The company’s success wasn’t the result of extensive marketing campaigns but rather a savvy digital marketing strategy that increased brand awareness and generated a lot of interaction, traffic, and sales. Perfect Diary mostly relies on its online presence to maintain momentum, with also 600 physical locations, the majority of which are used to steer clients to e-commerce platforms. Perfect Diary excels in both digital storytelling and content marketing. On social media, it answers queries about the items and ingredients and posts behind-the-scenes films, product launches, and collaborations with well-known people. 

The user portrait and platform positioning of Xiaohongshu are particularly compatible with the brand positioning and consumer positioning of Perfect Diary. Xiaohongshu is a recently emerging user-oriented photo-sharing website that has grown in popularity among young Chinese female users due to the fact that its contents are mostly focused on apparel, food, and beauty care. 

The “near to real life” stance taken by Perfect Diary, which marketed itself as an affordable cosmetic company, can make consumers feel friendly and encourage them to admire themselves. 

The cosmetics sector in China has a ton of space to develop, and some indigenous companies are already becoming well-known. According to Goldman Sachs’ forecast, the market for cosmetics in China is anticipated to double in size by 2025, reaching $145 billion. Yasten Holding, the parent company of popular Chinese makeup brand Perfect Diary, went public in November 2020.

Additionally, Perfect Diary has worked with a number of well-known Chinese celebrities, including Yang Chaoyue, Zhang Yuxi, and others. Overall, Perfect Diary is a rapidly expanding and well-liked Chinese cosmetics company that sells fashionable, high-quality goods at reasonable costs. It also has a strong and active online presence, making it a perfect option for anybody wishing to test out a new cosmetics company. Perfect Diary has successfully transformed the Chinese beauty industry and emerged as one of the most significant regional cosmetics brands.

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