“Design in China” e38 – CoFANCY可糖 – A Favorite for Contact Lenses in China

CoFANCY is a Chinese brand specializing in developing and producing premium contact lenses, funded by Sequoia Capital, ZhenFund 真格基金 and a series of top VC companies. With the rise of social media usage and the demand for safe, fashionable cosmetics-colored contact lenses, CoFANCY has been able to identify and cater to the needs of Millennials and Generation Z, who are quick to trends.

Since its foundation in 2014, the brand has rapidly gained success, earning a reputation for its dependability, creativity, and value. CoFANCY’s product line includes various contact lenses, such as toric and bifocal lenses. The multi-color contact lenses are FDA and ISO certified. To adjust to the competitive market, CoFANCY’s skilled team of designers and engineers are always looking into new materials and technologies to enhance the functionality and convenience of contact lenses. Its entire product range is loved by consumers thanks to the use of natural dyes for pigment. 

Its success wasn’t without hurdles because it has some competition cut out, especially with international players already present in China, like CooperVision. However, CoFANCY sets itself apart by offering high-quality contact lenses at reasonable prices. CoFANCY has based its products on the premise that contacts can be needed by anyone, which is why they offer affordable prices that have helped them succeed in China and other parts of the world. In addition to strong online marketing, the brand has developed a strong corporate social responsibility (CSR) drive. That said, like many enterprises, its CSR may be more to improve the brand’s perception, boost customer loyalty, and set the company apart.

CoFANCY is known for donating special collaborative collections to the “Visually Impaired Children’s Foundation.” In addition, they work with influencers or key opinion leaders (KOLs) who have sizable social media followings. By uploading images or videos of themselves wearing CoFANCY lenses, these KOLs spread the word about the company’s goods to their fans. With the help of this tactic, CoFANCY can connect with KOL’s audience and contact more prospective clients. It’s a tried and tested marketing model in the Chinese consumer market. 

CoFANCY was awarded The Global Makeup Award of Tmall, Raelie Beauty Awards, and TBI awards in the same year that they were introduced to the Tmall shop in March 2020. In the first year, the brand’s sales surpassed $100 million, with over 700,000 customers overall. On the other hand, to stay ahead in the current competitive virtual market, it is essential for brands to be on top of their games. CoFANCY encourages its customers to post testimonials about the company’s glasses on social media. By encouraging customers to post pictures of themselves wearing CoFANCY lenses and using hashtags, they can utilize user-generated content to drive further sales. The brand even creates fun quizzes and surveys about eye health and contact lenses on its social media pages, keeping its followers entertained and educating them about its products. CoFANCY’s success isn’t surprising given the high number of people in China that wear glasses for vision correction. However, inspiring those who wear glasses to move to contact lenses is a feat in its own right. The surge in Chinese consumption of beauty products has also likely contributed to the wider adoption of contact lenses.

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