“Design in China” e44 – Maison de SIT.E : Embracing Creativity and Challenging Conventions in the Beauty Industry

Maison de SIT.E, a relatively young brand in the beauty industry, has emerged as a beacon of creativity and individuality. Founded just three years ago, SIT.E has already made waves with its unique approach to product development and its commitment to empowering its customers. With a strong emphasis on artistry and a desire to break free from conventional norms, SIT.E is redefining beauty standards and carving its own path in the industry.

The brand’s name, SIT.E, carries multiple meanings. It symbolizes a “base station,” a place of connectivity and exchange. It represents a sense of “home” and comfort. Above all, it embodies the awareness of “space” and the limitless possibilities it holds. This concept sets the tone for SIT.E’s philosophy and fuels its ambition to create a brand that is collaboratively shaped by its core users, ambassadors, and artists.

SIT.E’s journey began with a strong focus on product innovation and design. The brand’s visual aesthetics extend beyond its branding and permeate every aspect of product development. SIT.E takes pride in defying traditional gender norms, offering inclusive designs that cater to a diverse range of users. For instance, their fragrances are gender-neutral, and each lip product line includes shades specifically tailored for male users. SIT.E even developed a formula enhancement for its powder products to suit individuals with deeper skin tones, highlighting its commitment to inclusivity.

One standout collection is the “Lens Series,” which draws inspiration from the artistry and makeup techniques employed in the film industry. The “Anti-Highlight Lip Glaze” is a prime example, originating from the baking technique used by film makeup artists to create a matte lip effect. SIT.E innovated with a non-water-based layered lip powder formula called Cinematic, combined it with a specially designed applicator, and aimed to achieve a flawlessly matte and airbrushed finish even under the scrutiny of a camera lens.

SIT.E challenges the status quo by introducing unconventional products that defy expectations. Rather than offering traditional concealer products, the brand launched the “Freckle Cushion” with the intention of expanding aesthetic possibilities and telling the public that beauty comes in countless forms, including freckles, which can be seen as a unique enhancement.

The most renowned and controversial collection from SIT.E is undoubtedly the “Pioneer Series” and its 46 shades of nude lip powders. This collection stands out with its diverse color range, including unconventional and thought-provoking shades like “Mouth Green” and “Mouth Black.” Beyond its striking color selection, the series boasts remarkable features. SIT.E introduced solid lip powder technology, with a high pigment-to-base ratio of 28%, ensuring highly pigmented and soft-focus lip makeup. Recently, the collection underwent a significant upgrade, achieving 46 subtly distinct matte textures within the nude color range.

When it comes to selecting the 46 shades of nude suitable for individuals with warm skin tones, SIT.E takes an extensive and meticulous approach. For example, in the “Fresh Nude” color range, the team repeatedly experimented with over ten shades, meticulously matching the precise PANTONE color by submerging the outermost petals of freshly bloomed flowers in water under sunlight. They then used a colorimeter to achieve accurate color reproduction during the sampling process at the factory, often testing up to six different versions of the same shade on the same day.

SIT.E’s dedication to creativity extends beyond its products. The brand meticulously crafts its packaging to provide a unique sensory experience. The inspiration for the packaging materials came from the “Yongzhou Women’s Script” in Jiangyong County, Hunan Province. This ancient script is a form of secret language used exclusively by women. The brand adopted elements from this script, employing it in the packaging design to evoke a sense of mystery and exclusivity.

With an unwavering commitment to quality and a focus on offline channels, SIT.E strives to create an immersive brand experience. The brand believes that channel selection is not merely about sales but also about conveying the brand’s image and values. Although SIT.E is currently in the early stages of its journey and has only recently entered select online channels, the brand envisions that 80% of its sales will eventually come from offline channels. By carefully selecting partners and building long-term relationships with key distributors and retailers, SIT.E aims to establish a strong offline presence and ensure a consistent brand narrative. SIT.E embraces channel collaboration as a means of fostering brand growth. By participating in initiatives such as the “China Brand Illumination Program” at Sephora and the inaugural makeup residency program at JOYCEBEAUTY, SIT.E aims to create unique and differentiated experiences tailored to each channel. These collaborations go beyond simply selling products; they involve a strategic approach to customization, ensuring that each channel receives products that align with its distinctive style and cater to its target audience.

As SIT.E continues to evolve, the brand’s creators envision a future without limits. They aspire for SIT.E to become a brand co-created by its core users, ambassadors, and artists—a brand that pushes boundaries, defies conventions, and empowers individuals to express their unique beauty confidently. SIT.E is not just a beauty brand; it is a courageous force driving change and redefining the norms of the industry.

In a world where innovation and courage often belong to the few, SIT.E stands as a bold pioneer, inspiring individuals to embrace their creativity, challenge conventions, and celebrate their unique identities.

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