“Design in China” e46 – User Defined: Redefining Fashion through Digital Collectibles and Collaborative Ventures

User Defined (UD) stands as the pioneering brand in the realm of digital fashion collectibles. Having released an impressive 56,789 copies of fashionable digital collectibles and 3,620 empowering physical products, UD operates with a cross-disciplinary team that encompasses fashion design, space design, IP design, and Web3.0 blockchain technology.

Sam Guo Shusen, a fashion management graduate from France’s SKEMA Business School, serves as the founder of User Defined. Sam boasts a rich background, having collaborated with renowned fashion entities such as China International Fashion Week, Shanghai Fashion Week, and CELINE’s Paris headquarters.

UD has revolutionized the fashion industry by introducing a distinctive release process for fashion-related digital collectibles. Blending the virtual and physical realms, UD’s approach has become an industry standard within the realm of blockchain technology. This innovative methodology magnifies the artistic value of original designers while creating unparalleled “digital fashion identities” for users.

UD’s inaugural collaboration features Maldito, the brainchild of designer Francisco Terra, who previously served at Givenchy. Maldito embodies Francisco’s artistic dreams that traversed from Brazil to Paris, where he established the fashion brand Neith Nyer to honor his grandmother’s memory. Through the “Maldito Maldito” collection, Francisco’s artistic imagination and emotional attachment are kindled. With the contributions of numerous independent artists worldwide, Maldito is gradually expanding its universe, venturing into fashion, animation, music, and art, transforming into an all-encompassing artistic IP concept.

Additionally, UD has embarked on a collaboration with Grey Sun, a designer celebrated for launching his men’s fashion brand in France, renowned for captivating prints that have captivated the interest of fashion enthusiasts.

User Defined’s ascent as a champion in the fashion collectibles industry is a testament to China’s growing influence and innovation in the global fashion landscape. The success not only showcases the brand’s expertise and vision but also reflects China’s ability to produce cutting-edge fashion concepts that resonate with global audiences. User Defined has the potential to captivate audiences worldwide. The brand’s fusion of art, technology, and fashion positions it as an exciting player in the global fashion arena, poised to shape the future of fashion on a global scale.

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