“Design in China” e50 – The Rise of Rigorer: Unveiling the AR1 “Ice Cream” Signature Shoe

In the bustling world of sports fashion, where giants have long dominated the court, emerges a brand that dares to redefine basketball performance.

Meet Rigorer, the Chinese sporting goods brand founded in 2014 by the visionary former CBA professional basketball player, Lin Chenyao. With an unwavering focus on quality, affordability, and performance, and its latest venture promises to elevate the game to exhilarating heights.

A Trailblazing Journey

Like the alley-oops that grace the hardwood, Rigorer’s rise has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. Lin Chenyao’s decade-long experience in professional basketball laid the foundation for a brand that resonates with athletes and enthusiasts alike. Their passion for the game, coupled with a drive for perfection, has propelled Rigorer to the summit of the basketball apparel and equipment industry in China.

The result? A dazzling array of cutting-edge products that captivate the senses and elevate the athletic experience. It’s no surprise that NBA star Austin Reaves, with his all-around game, chose to wear Rigorer throughout the 2023 NBA season, forging an indelible partnership with the brand.

The AR1 “Ice Cream” Signature Shoe: A Game-Changer

And now, the launch of the AR1 “Ice Cream” signature shoe. August 11th, 2023, will mark a historic day for basketball aficionados worldwide. The AR1, meticulously crafted in partnership with Austin Reaves, embodies the essence of Lin Chenyao’s vision – a perfect amalgamation of performance and style.

Drawing inspiration from Austin’s fondness for ice cream during sultry Arkansas summers, the “Ice Cream” colorway combines pastel pink and blue hues that mimic melting ice cream on a hot day. The design pays homage to the sweetest memories while delivering unmatched on-court performance.

A Symphony of Technology and Performance

The AR1 is a masterpiece of design, with features that set it apart from the competition. A Woven Cocoon Upper provides breathability and lockdown support, while the ShowTime Tech Foam Midsole delivers immediate energy return for those explosive plays. The Bubble Lacing System eliminates lace bite, ensuring uninterrupted focus on the game.

Where to Grab Your Pair

With only 2,000 pairs available globally, the AR1 “Ice Cream” is a coveted gem in the world of basketball. Exclusively priced at $100, you can snag your pair on August 11th at KICKS CREW and Rigorer’s official website. Don’t miss this opportunity to step into the future of basketball performance.

With a brand ethos rooted in excellence and a global appeal that transcends boundaries, Rigorer is poised to leave a solid mark on the world of sports fashion and performance.

So, lace up, hit the court.

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