“Design in China” e52 – XGIMI: Home Entertainment with Cutting-Edge Projection Technology

Part 1: A Visionary Partnership

In the realm of captivating home entertainment, XGIMI stands as a beacon of innovation in China’s design landscape. Collaborating with visionary partners like Xiaomi and Harman/kardon has unleashed a series of groundbreaking smart projectors and laser TVs that elevate the audio-visual experience to new heights.

Since its debut in 2014, XGIMI’s first-generation smart projector caused ripples in the industry, boasting an innovative concept and unmatched user experience. Over seven years, the brand’s dedication to excellence earned it an impressive collection of 31 design and innovation awards from esteemed international authorities.

Part 2: A Vision for the Future

Reimagining Home Entertainment

At XGIMI, reimagining home entertainment is more than a mission; it’s a relentless pursuit of transforming mundane moments into extraordinary experiences. By supersizing the joy of watching movies, gaming, sports events, and indulging in TV shows, XGIMI reshapes the way we consume content at home.

XGIMI’s devotion to groundbreaking designs and high-quality products has garnered global acclaim. Over the past eight years, the brand proudly earned 38 international design and innovation awards, cementing its status as an industry trendsetter.

The Pinnacle of Innovation

With XGIMI’s unwavering commitment to excellence, each product pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in projection technology. From state-of-the-art smart projectors to laser TVs, every device embodies elegance, performance, and a seamless user experience.

In an era of homogeneity, XGIMI’s design DNA sets it apart. Its products captivate with visually engaging aesthetics and creative functionality. As XGIMI continues to redefine home entertainment, it remains a shining example of premium brand design in China.

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