“Design in China” e55 – NOWWA Coffee 挪瓦咖啡: Brewing Confidence and Exploration

In a world pulsating with opportunities, NOWWA Coffee emerges as more than just a cup of caffeine. It’s a companion for the young and the driven, a symbol of professional confidence, and a gateway to exploring the vibrant facets of life. Unveiling the innovative “Little Horse Fruit Coffee Series,” NOWWA Coffee redefines coffee’s boundaries, igniting fresh interpretations of flavor.

Quality, the cornerstone of NOWWA’s essence, exudes warmth and empowerment. Beyond delivering a premium coffee experience, NOWWA seeks to accompany young professionals on their growth journey, offering unwavering support to face challenges head-on. The orange emblem of NOWWA gallops through the lives of the youth, infused with our aspirations, injecting color into their dynamic lives.

But great coffee should be within reach. NOWWA’s exploration knows no bounds, spanning from malls and corporate offices to campuses and iconic flagship stores like NOWWA Xintiandi. By creating an extensive network, NOWWA transcends physical limitations, intertwining urban culture and history to forge stronger bonds with cities and their inhabitants.

In 2019, NOWWA Coffee opened its first café, marking the commencement of its journey in Shanghai. NOWWA’s expansion continued, with remarkable milestones such as the launch of the NOWWA Xintiandi store in October 2021. The name NOWWA signifies “NOWADAYS,” capturing the essence of delivering exceptional coffee wherever and whenever. NOWWA’s growth trajectory showcases over 1,500 stores across 19 cities, with its nationwide store count surpassing 1,000 in July 2021.

Elevating coffee from a beverage to an experience, NOWWA Coffee takes you on a journey of self-assurance and exploration. Emerging amid the summer’s vibrancy in 2020, NOWWA stays committed to crafting the finest coffee, accompanying you through the changing seasons.

NOWWA Coffee’s ambassador, Peng Yuchang, epitomizes the brand’s selection: youthful, driven, and with a passion for embracing new experiences. NOWWA’s target audience, aged 22-29, embraces a modern lifestyle enriched with solitary moments and vibrant social interactions, from fitness and music festivals to anime and pet ownership. This audience’s curiosity drives them to explore fresh experiences, continually self-improving while actively contributing to online and offline communities.

NOWWA Coffee isn’t just a drink; it’s an embodiment of empowerment, an emblem of confidence, and an avenue to exploration. Brewed to accompany the young and ambitious on their journey, NOWWA embodies the essence of “just in this moment,” etching a vibrant chapter in their lives.

In 2021 the coffee chain announced that it has completed two rounds of financing, namely, a B round and a B+ round, with a cumulative amount of 200 million yuan ($31.51 million) raised. The funds will be mainly used for product R&D, market expansion and construction of supply chain and IT system.

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