“Design in China” e56 – CUPSHE Sculpting Swimwear, Crafting Culture

In the ever-evolving tapestry of global fashion, a distinct thread emerges, tracing the exceptional journey of Cupshe. More than a swimwear brand, Cupshe stands as a testament to the innovative spirit pulsating through the heart of the fashion world. It’s a fusion of artistry and commerce, and a direct-to-consumer powerhouse, ushering in a new era of fashion that redefines the rules of engagement.

The Creative Genesis

Cupshe’s ascent from obscurity to a global sensation is nothing short of a creative odyssey. Born in 2015, the brand began as a versatile player in the fast fashion arena, dabbling in various categories, searching for its identity. It wasn’t until a year later that it found its true calling – swimwear. But this wasn’t just about crafting bathing suits; it was about creating a canvas for self-expression.

In 2016, the brand honed its focus, bringing forth a new ethos – ‘quality, style, and affordability’. Swimwear, for Cupshe, was no longer just about the beach; it became a symbol of confidence and individuality. This epiphany propelled Cupshe onto the global stage, with the United States serving as its runway.

Innovation with Purpose

Amidst a sea of swimwear brands, what sets Cupshe apart is not just its aesthetic allure but its unwavering commitment to sustainable innovation. Enter the ‘Recycled Swim Collection,’ a testament to their promise. This collection isn’t just fashion; it’s a statement of responsibility.

Comprising 14 unique styles, this collection paints a vivid picture in earthy blues, greens, and beiges. Yet, what truly makes it remarkable is the material – each piece woven from 82%-85% recycled nylon and 100% recycled polyester lining. Sustainability isn’t a buzzword; it’s a commitment, and Cupshe’s choice of Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified materials underscores this pledge. This standard tracks the entire supply chain, ensuring environmental and social principles are upheld, from ethical working conditions to fair wages.

Cupshe goes further, embracing the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), reinforcing ethical treatment of workers, and stringent health and safety standards. They don’t just make fashion; they make a difference.

Direct-to-Consumer Mastery

Cupshe’s narrative isn’t confined to swimwear; it’s a testament to rewriting the direct-to-consumer strategy playbook. Unlike traditional Chinese e-commerce giants, Cupshe chose not to forsake its Amazon store while nurturing its Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) website. It was a bold gambit that paid off.

By seamlessly juggling its DTC strategy with Amazon’s colossal reach, Cupshe struck a symbiotic chord with the giants. Their senior director of marketing, Jessie Han, emphasizes that while 70% of their sales hail from their DTC website, Amazon still contributes a substantial 30%. This dual approach, paired with their impeccable handling of return requests, bridges the gap between the brand and its customers.

However, what truly sets Cupshe apart is its inclusivity. In a world where many brands cater exclusively to Gen Z, Cupshe’s embrace extends to full-time mothers, plus-size women, and even men. Inclusivity isn’t just a marketing strategy; it’s their DNA.

Campaigning with Vision

Cupshe’s meteoric rise isn’t just about fashion; it’s a masterclass in marketing. Their visionary strategies have left an indelible mark.

Enter Connected TV (CTV), a pivotal moment in their conquest of the U.S. market. In an era where the fashion landscape tilts digital, Cupshe sought a channel that offered precise targeting and high-quality website traffic. CTV, with its blend of linear TV’s impact and digital media’s precision, emerged as the answer.

Teaming up with digital marketing agency BlueVision, Cupshe tapped into The Trade Desk’s expansive CTV inventory. This partnership was nothing short of a revelation. Cupshe brought its first-party data onboard, and with The Trade Desk’s Universal Pixel website tag, collected user data at a granular level. But the real magic lay in their use of lookalike modeling tools, finding and targeting new audiences mirroring their existing customers.

Yet, the story doesn’t end there. They dived deeper into third-party data partners like Mastercard, unearthing precious consumer insights within the CTV realm.

The results? Astounding. Users exposed to CTV ads not only explored Cupshe’s offerings but exhibited higher conversion rates. This wasn’t just selling; it was creating an immersive shopping experience.

The impact rippled across platforms. Users of their primary customer acquisition channel, social media, showed a significant likelihood to visit checkout and “Add to bag” pages after encountering CTV ads. Even search-engine users displayed a penchant for Cupshe after exposure to these ads.

Crafting Culture

Cupshe’s journey transcends swimwear; it’s about sculpting culture. It’s about empowering individuals to embrace their uniqueness through fashion. It’s a tapestry where creativity and commerce converge into a harmonious symphony. Most importantly, it’s about ensuring

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