“Design in China”: e57 – CATLINK: Purrfectly Innovative

In the bustling landscape of China’s tech-driven design, an unexpected player has emerged, poised to redefine pet care. CATLINK, a name that resonates with pet lovers and tech enthusiasts alike, is at the forefront of a feline revolution.

The Art of Innovation

CATLINK, founded in Shanghai in 2017, embarked on a mission that could warm the heart of even the most ardent cat skeptic. Their goal: to enhance the lives of cats globally through technology. For CATLINK, it’s not just about pets; it’s about pioneering a new era in pet care.

In 2019, CATLINK unveiled the SCOOPER, the world’s first intelligent cat litter box. This remarkable device wasn’t just about scooping litter; it was about revolutionizing cat care. Connected to the internet, it monitored everything from eating habits to sleep patterns, giving cats a voice where words fail.

Digital Guardians of Our Feline Friends

The health analysis feature was nothing short of revolutionary. It used intelligent algorithms to assess a cat’s well-being and provide guidance to pet owners, ensuring a healthier, happier life for their furry companions.

CATLINK’s global journey began in Southeast Asia in 2019, followed by a presence on Amazon US in 2021. Their strategy?

Collaborate with agents, establish a foothold on Amazon, and leverage the power of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and social media for global outreach.

From KOLs to Engaging Communities

In the realm of social media, CATLINK thrived by collaborating with prominent cat bloggers, turning them into brand evangelists. They built a thriving community and acted not only as a brand but also as a source of knowledge and support for pet owners.

In CATLINK’s own words, their raison d’être is encapsulated in the phrase, “Link Everything For Cat’s Life.” The brand has expanded its product line, which currently includes five core SKUs, such as cat toilets, feeders, and water dispensers, priced between 1000-2000 yuan. Each product is accompanied by a user-friendly app, enhancing the pet-parent experience.

CATLINK believes in gradual evolution. They understand that resonance with consumers takes time and continuous improvement. In their quest to redefine the pet care landscape, they remain committed to their vision: enhancing the lives of our feline friends through innovative, tech-driven products and services.

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