“DESIGN IN CHINA” E62 – PMPM: Beyond Beauty Products – Crafting Journeys, Building Connections

Exploring the World: The Odyssey of PMPM

Unlocking the Secrets of Beauty in a Journey Across Continents

In a world where beauty products are aplenty, there shines a brand that dares to be different. PMPM, short for Pour le Monde, Pour le Monde, is the embodiment of a global expedition through skincare. This DTC (Direct to Consumer) beauty brand takes you on an epic journey, promising to unveil the secrets of beauty from the farthest corners of the Earth.

The Genesis: Where Innovation Meets Adventure

Founded by a cadre of seasoned executives with backgrounds in corporate giants like P&G and Google, PMPM is not your typical beauty brand. Its inception is a result of collective industry wisdom and boundless creativity. The founding members, much like modern-day explorers, embarked on a quest to redefine skincare.

The Soul of PMPM: The ‘Explorer’ Persona

At the core of PMPM’s identity lies a profound respect for the individual – the consumer. They firmly believe that it takes a person with a distinctive personality to attract others. Rather than focusing on the products’ categories or hyping up their effectiveness, PMPM chose a different path. They crafted a unique persona for the brand – the ‘Explorer.’ This persona mirrors the image of today’s youth, those unafraid to challenge conventions, eager to explore the world, and carve their own paths. It’s a perfect alignment with the zeitgeist of China’s new generation – opinionated, undefined, and adventurous. This, in turn, strengthens the emotional bond between the brand and its consumers.

Brand Power: Bringing Poetry and Adventure to Consumers

The post-pandemic era beckoned PMPM to dive deeper into the emotional needs of its core consumers. As the first skincare brand to put ‘exploration’ at its core, PMPM set a shining example of brand-user emotional resonance. It also became the linchpin of the brand’s value expression.

PMPM didn’t just provide skincare products; it orchestrated a journey. While others watched people during live streams, PMPM invited them to watch the sea. It transported over 100,000 users to Brittany, France, where they could feel the sea breeze on their faces. It let them wait in silence for the sunrise in the Piedmont Forest, Italy, 25,399 kilometers away. PMPM’s Instagram is a visual poem, filled with the expanse of the world, drawing users into its embrace.

From ‘Likes’ to ‘Love’: Building Emotional Connections

PMPM analyzed 20,000 comments from its users, and almost 30% of these interactions contained keywords resonating with the brand’s spirit. Words like ‘love,’ ‘exploration,’ ‘adventure,’ and ‘hope’ peppered these conversations. For any brand, a successful campaign goes beyond mere visual innovation; it should tap into the emotional sphere. Creating an atmosphere of interaction that resonates with consumers is key.

PMPM calls its consumers ‘Explorers.’ This nomenclature is not just a label; it’s a commitment. The brand listens intently to its Explorers, collecting feedback and travel stories. From postcards in packages to handwritten letters, PMPM leaves no detail unturned. It broadcasts live journeys to faraway places, reinforcing the emotional connection.

Designing an Identity: Every Detail Tells a Story

PMPM’s brand identity isn’t merely skin-deep. Every aspect, from its logo to packaging, is intricately woven into the fabric of its narrative. The airplane window logo is more than a design; it’s a memory trigger, transporting users to distant horizons. The bottle packaging in Morandi colors symbolizes practicality and simplicity, echoing a return to nature and reinforcing consumer memory. The brand’s visual symbols extend to its package design. The airplane window has become an unmistakable visual icon, differentiating PMPM in a sea of competitors.

Unveiling the World of Ingredients: Where Exploration Meets Formulation

PMPM’s journey to uncover the treasures of skincare doesn’t stop at global exploration; it delves deep into the world of ingredients. For example, in the quest to discover anti-aging and skin-rejuvenating ingredients, PMPM joined hands with Ashland to unearth the ‘diamond’ of skincare – the white truffle from the Piedmont Forest in Italy. These white truffles are a rich source of 8 vitamins and 18 amino acids, known for their remarkable skin benefits.

Continuing the adventure, PMPM ventured into the Grasse Valley of France in search of ingredients that could rejuvenate and heal the skin. Here, nestled amidst steep cliffs, thrives the resilient and regenerative Chardonnay Rose.

PMPM’s exploration doesn’t stop there. It delves into the mysteries of Brittany, where the Atlantic Ocean’s breeze first kisses the European mainland. This region has been a source of healing therapies for seafarers since 1,837. The natural scents have a soothing effect on the skin, providing a unique twist to skincare.

Innovation at the Core: Anticipating Consumer Needs

In an age where skincare knowledge has seeped into popular consciousness, the focus has shifted from individual ingredients to skincare formulas. PMPM, born in the era of ‘single-ingredient skincare,’ chose to emphasize formulations. They believe that behind every ‘more effective and safer’ skincare product lies a complex formula with the right ingredients in perfect harmony. PMPM has a research mandate that puts ‘formula’ above ‘ingredients,’ constantly innovating.

Recent years have seen a rising preference for ‘oil-based’ skincare, particularly during autumn and winter. Recognizing this shift, PMPM introduced the ‘Oil-Fluid Essence’ in August, breaking the mold of conventional single-ingredient skincare. The 4:1 oil-to-fluid ratio in the formula offers the benefits of both oil and essence, catering to different skin types. It encapsulates the nourishing properties of essence and the light texture of oil, providing skincare enthusiasts the best of both worlds.

PMPM: The Confluence of Story and Product Evolution

PMPM derives its product inspiration not only from ingredients but also from its exploratory narratives. The brand promises more than just a product; it offers an experience. PMPM’s ‘Smear-Type Mask’ zeroes in on the rising demand for skincare rituals. Its tagline ‘Take-out Skin’ resonates with the audience, addressing common skin issues like ‘take-out food skin’ and ‘stay-up-late skin.’ These literal translations hit home, generating a sense of shared experience – ‘I have a problem, and I need a solution.’

Surprises Await: Maintaining Customer Relationships

PMPM treats its consumers like ‘Explorers,’ collecting feedback and ideas from various platforms. They use nicknames like ‘Explorers’ and ‘Treasure Seekers,’ fostering an emotional connection. The brand’s logo, the airplane window, transcends design; it’s an emblem of shared journeys. The packaging resembles a vintage travel suitcase, enhancing the customer’s interaction and portraying the brand as a friend from afar.

PMPM doesn’t just provide beauty products; it’s a journey, an adventure, a shared experience. It is the embodiment of exploring the world, and more importantly, exploring oneself. PMPM wants to empower you to open up windows in your life and discover the world’s treasures, both external and within.

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