“Design in China” E68 – Moody : The Kaleidoscope of Emotions, Innovations, and Unconventional Success”

In a world that often thrives on monotony, where products and brands tend to blend into a tapestry of indistinguishable choices, there emerges a vibrant spectacle – Moody, a brand that is making waves and catching eyes, quite literally.

Discovering the Emotions Within

Moody, a niche player in the vision correction industry, doesn’t just sell colored contact lenses; they’re peddling emotion. Founded in 2019, this brand took an unconventional route, acknowledging that emotions are not mere experiences; they are an extension of one’s identity. They tapped into a market flooded with routine and offered a new perspective – the world, as seen through emotions. A poetic sentiment that caught the attention of both investors and consumers alike, leading to substantial funding rounds and eye-popping valuations.

The Moody Manifesto

Moody believes in exploring the unique role and meaning of each emotion. They endorse staying true to oneself and embracing the intricacies of life, making the world appear in a kaleidoscope of colors through your eyes. This emotional manifesto struck a chord with a generation yearning for authenticity, leading to the meteoric rise of the brand.

Disrupting the Industry with Innovation

In an industry characterized by giants, Moody ventured into the shadows to craft a different narrative. They found an opportunity within the underserved emotional needs of the market. Traditional players dominated the industry, making it seem like a realm of dull necessity. However, Moody recognized that vision correction isn’t just a clinical task; it’s an art form, a creative expression.

Moody’s “HE DOESN’T KNOW” series, a foundation of natural lenses, offered a striking break from the mundane. Their “TEENAGE DAYDREAM” daily lenses gave colors to courage, love, beauty, and wealth. It encouraged consumers to dare, to dream, and to stand out. The “EYESPRESSO” range, inspired by the coziness of coffee, introduced the world to the magic of small-diameter lenses.

But the real stunner came with the “太空disco” collaboration with contemporary artist Luo Wei. This partnership introduced a new dimension of art and creativity to Moody. It continued the brand’s legacy of comfort, color, and fun, providing an entirely unique visual and emotional experience.

Direct to the Consumer Heart

Moody’s direct-to-consumer (DTC) strategy has been pivotal to its success. In a world where the modern shopper is overwhelmed by options, Moody dared to cut through the noise. Their flagship store on Tmall, which debuted in 2020, became an instant sensation. In just ten months, they sold over 180 million yuan, a remarkable achievement. They quickly achieved an annual GMV of over 200 million yuan, a feat that eludes many brands.

On the “Double Eleven” shopping festival in 2021, Moody broke the billion-yuan ceiling. This ascent wasn’t just about soaring sales; it was a testament to the power of a unique brand that resonated with consumers. They did it again in 2022, with nearly 40 million yuan in sales during the same festival. This spectacular growth marks Moody’s journey from 1 to 100, catapulting the brand onto the international stage.

Understanding the Market Dynamics

Moody understands its audience. China’s vast population with a significant number of nearsighted individuals provided a solid base for the colored contact lens market. As consumers increasingly emphasized aesthetics, the colored lens sector reaped the benefits. In 2020, the market size swelled to 1.75 billion yuan, showcasing the enormous potential within.

More than Just Lenses – It’s Emotions Delivered

Moody is not just selling contact lenses; they’re selling a lifestyle. They tap into the emotional and creative aspects of daily life, making sure their offerings resonate with people from different walks of life. Their lenses don’t just correct vision; they express an attitude and evoke emotions.

If one had to define Moody in two words, it would be imagination and passion. Imagination is the guiding star since their inception. They strive to deliver imaginative, emotion-filled experiences in the form of eyewear. And this isn’t just a one-sided endeavor; it’s a two-way street. Their passionate community of supporters fuels their continuous refinement and growth.

A Journey Beyond Borders

Moody hasn’t just conquered the local market; it’s now a global sensation. In 2023, they established their independent site, signaling the brand’s ambitious move onto the international stage. They aim to offer a superior user experience and let the world experience the colored contact lens revolution ignited in the East.

Beyond the Hype – It’s About the People

Moody’s story isn’t just about numbers; it’s about emotions and people. Staying true to their philosophy, Moody recognizes that beyond the business, they need to create a brand that consumers believe in. To Moody, a brand is not just about making a sale; it’s about establishing a belief, fostering resonance with the users, and co-creating a world that’s truly vibrant.

This isn’t a story of a 29-year-old visionary entrepreneur conquering the world. Instead, it’s the tale of Moody, the brand that’s altering the way we perceive life through our lenses.

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