“Design in China” E73 – WonderLab: Navigating the Blue Horizon of Health and Innovation

In the kaleidoscope of contemporary consumerism, where wellness meets wonder, WonderLab emerges as an avant-garde force reshaping the landscape of health and lifestyle. Born from the alchemy of science and creativity, this brand, known to many by its iconic “Little Blue Bottle” of probiotics, transcends the mundane, embodying a narrative that intertwines discovery, daily companionship, and relentless exploration.

The WonderLab Sonata: Blue, Bold, Beautiful

WonderLab recently unveiled its refreshed identity, including the official Chinese name “万益蓝” (Wan Yi Lan), echoing the phonetics of “WonderLab.” At the core of this rejuvenation is the striking WonderLab Blue, not just a color but a visual manifesto. It’s more than an emblem; it’s an invitation to explore the myriad possibilities of a beneficial blue.

The choice of blue, a ubiquitous hue in nature, signifies the vastness of exploration and the energy of boundless imagination. It’s not just a color; it’s an ethos. “Blue is an everyday omnipresence, an endless expanse reminiscent of the sky and the ocean. It embodies research, technology, and the boundless, infinite power of imagination,” shares WonderLab.

The Chinese Symphony: A Thousand Blues of Benevolence

In the nuanced realm of its Chinese nomenclature, “万益蓝” encapsulates WonderLab’s commitment to exploring a myriad of beneficial blues. It’s not just a translation; it’s a confident assertion to delve into the forefront of human microecology, offering safe and effective daily nutritional supplements as companions in the exploration of life’s possibilities.

Behind this choice lies a delicate balance of considerations, musings, and expectations. WonderLab doesn’t merely want to be a brand; it aspires to be a guide in the exploration of a thousand beneficial blues.

Amplifying Visual Identity: From Color to Symbol

For WonderLab, blue isn’t just a visual marker; it’s a brand symbol. In their recent rebranding, they magnified the recurring blue, defining and interpreting it as a “mental symbol” that encapsulates the brand’s value proposition. The collaboration with the color authority, Pantone Color Institute, led to the birth of “WonderLab Blue,” inscribed in the Chinese name, forging a direct and efficient channel of communication.

“WonderLab Blue” isn’t just about immediate brand recognition; it’s about establishing an association with the brand’s desired temperament. It goes beyond visual appeal; it crystallizes the brand’s ethos of exploring “a myriad of beneficial blues.”

From Health to Design: WonderLab’s Evolution

WonderLab didn’t emerge overnight; it’s the result of deliberate exploration and innovation. Initially focused on dietary supplements, particularly probiotics, the brand has evolved over four years to cater to diverse health needs. The foray into areas like oral health and female intimate care showcases a commitment to granular health requirements.

This evolution isn’t a mere market adaptation; it’s a response to a shifting landscape of health awareness. The tumultuous experiences of the last three years heightened consumers’ awareness of their well-being, leading to dynamic shifts in nutritional supplement demands. WonderLab, keenly attentive, aligns its products with these evolving needs.

Scientific Inquiry: The Heart of WonderLab

“专研可循证” or “Researching Evidentially” isn’t just a tagline for WonderLab; it’s the very core of its existence. Since its inception, the brand has shunned the conventional norms of the supplement industry, weaving a narrative of bold exploration. The brand’s collaboration with IFF in establishing a Probiotic Joint Innovation Center underscores a commitment to blending cutting-edge research with localized market insights.

The absence of industry standards for probiotics in China didn’t deter WonderLab; it emboldened them to lead. The “wonderforme Product Gold Standard,” introduced by WonderLab, isn’t just a benchmark; it’s a promise. With keywords like “substantial,” “evidential,” and “sensational,” it goes beyond establishing safety and efficacy; it sets a standard for a new era of supplements.

Beyond the Bottle: Crafting Lifestyle Narratives

For WonderLab, a product is not just a product; it’s the genesis of a healthier life. Breaking away from the conventional image of supplements as medicinal, WonderLab endeavors to embed its philosophy in the lifestyle of its consumers. The “Little Blue Bottle Return Plan,” an initiative where empty bottles are recycled into camping gear and yoga mats, is more than an environmental gesture. It’s a participatory act, inviting consumers to engage actively with the brand.

In early 2023, WonderLab pushed boundaries further by setting up its first pop-up store at a ski resort in Jilin, offering custom nutrition packs to skiing enthusiasts. This is not just marketing; it’s an embodiment of the brand’s commitment to being a companion in consumers’ journeys, helping them adapt to changing environments.

Storytelling with Substance: The Content Confluence

WonderLab’s communication strategy isn’t just about product promotion; it’s a narrative of education and empowerment. The creation of the “Gut Knowledge Research Institute” as a content IP, collaborations with nutrition experts, and a multi-faceted approach, from social media posts to live expert sessions, illustrates a commitment to providing substantial knowledge about gut health and the human microbiome.

Since 2022, the brand has embraced a more participatory approach, with events like the “Little Blue Bottle Return Plan” and opening pop-up stores. Beyond the conventional, they want to be woven into the fabric of daily life, resonating with the ethos of “research, daily companionship, exploration.”

Interactive Wellness: The WonderLab Experience

The shift in consumer psychology from viewing supplements as medicine to embracing them as a holistic wellness component isn’t lost on WonderLab. The brand’s genius lies in seamlessly integrating with the present social context, aligning with the aesthetics and lifestyles of the younger generation.

“专研,日常陪伴,探索” or “Research, Daily Companionship, Exploration” is more than a tagline; it’s a pact. Whether it’s through the Little Blue Bottle Return Plan or the ski resort pop-up, WonderLab showcases not just products but possibilities, weaving itself into the ongoing narratives of its consumers.

The Future: WonderLab as a Lifestyle Proposer

In a world where wellness is a journey, not a destination, WonderLab envisions itself as a proposer of a beautiful life. Gathering a myriad of beneficial blues, it aspires to be a dual supplement for life and nutrition, nurturing the quality of life, and urging everyone to explore the beauty of living.

WonderLab is not just a brand; it’s a voyage—a quest to explore the vast blue horizon of health, science, and lifestyle.

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