“Design in China” E74 – Her Senses : A Tapestry of Style, Substance, and Self-Expression

In the pulsating heart of Shanghai’s dynamic fashion scene emerges HER SENSES, not merely a brand but an orchestration of sensuality, creativity, and a daring departure from the commonplace. Propelled into existence in 2019 by the visionary alliance of Sarah Han and Cloris Li, HER SENSES swiftly ascended to illuminate the intersection where intimate wear intertwines with high fashion.

Crafting a Unique Identity

HER SENSES has set itself apart by venturing into uncharted territory—bridging the gap between intimate wear and high fashion. The brand’s genesis was simple yet profound, born out of a desire to find undergarments that resonated with individual aesthetic standards. As the trend of visible intimate wear gained momentum, Han and Li envisioned a brand that would not only meet this demand but elevate intimate wear to a form of self-expression.

Their designs, characterized by subtle yet profound Eastern aesthetics, infuse elements of Bauhaus minimalism, creating a line that is not just undergarments but wearable art. HER SENSES embraces simplicity, weaving geometric lines into the fabric, allowing the designs to speak volumes without uttering a word.

Innovation in Every Stitch

Beyond fashion, HER SENSES is a laboratory of innovation. The brand has challenged the conventional functions of lingerie, introducing pieces that prioritize aesthetic appeal without compromising comfort. Their commitment to using technology and modern design principles in crafting intimate wear is a testament to their innovative spirit. HER SENSES has successfully transformed undergarments into a realm where craftsmanship meets technology.

Direct-to-Consumer Appeal

HER SENSES transcends the conventional retail experience through a direct-to-consumer strategy that forges a personal connection with its clientele. The brand’s decision to open pop-up stores, like the one in Shanghai’s Jing’an Kerry Centre, reflects a commitment to bringing its narrative directly to the consumer. The limited-time nature of these stores not only creates an air of exclusivity but also allows HER SENSES to experiment with various concepts and engage with a diverse audience.

The brand’s approach isn’t just about selling undergarments; it’s about building a community. By directly engaging with consumers through these pop-ups and carefully curated events, HER SENSES cultivates an environment where the product becomes a conversation starter. It’s an invitation to explore not just the garments but the ethos behind the brand.

Campaigning Beyond Conventions

HER SENSES’ campaigns echo its innovative ethos. Beyond traditional advertising, the brand has embraced a storytelling approach, turning campaigns into immersive experiences. The imagery isn’t just about showcasing lingerie; it’s about portraying the essence of a lifestyle—a celebration of confidence, individuality, and sensuality.

The brand’s prowess in creating memorable campaigns was evident in its Shanghai pop-up launch. The space wasn’t merely a store; it was a visual narrative of empowerment, expressed through colors, textures, and the very fabric of the garments. By blurring the lines between commerce and art, HER SENSES doesn’t just sell lingerie; it sells an experience.

International Aspirations and Local Connectivity

As HER SENSES expands its footprint, both nationally and internationally, it maintains a delicate balance between global aspirations and local connectivity. Sarah Han envisions the brand as a global ambassador for Chinese aesthetics, where subtlety becomes a powerful form of expression. This nuanced approach allows the brand to resonate not only with the Chinese audience but with women worldwide who appreciate the fusion of Eastern and modern design.

In the heart of Chengdu’s IFS Taikoo Li, HER SENSES recently unveiled a new chapter. The store’s design, a collaborative effort with OPSIS Studio, showcases a fusion of materials—metal, glass, jade—to create a semi-open circular space, symbolizing a harmonious blend of “qi” and ambiance. The store doesn’t just showcase products; it crafts an atmosphere where the brand’s essence intertwines with the emotions of the observer.

Future Prospects and Empowering Women

Looking ahead, HER SENSES is not merely a brand; it’s a movement. Beyond the delicate lace and silk, the brand is a celebration of femininity, a platform for women to embrace their bodies, desires, and individuality. Sarah Han envisions HER SENSES as more than just an intimate wear brand—it’s a voice, a statement, and an embodiment of the diverse facets of being a modern woman.

In the dynamic world of fashion, HER SENSES stands tall, not just as a brand but as a curator of experiences, an innovator in design, and a testament to the power of intimate wear in shaping confidence and identity.

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