“Design in China” E75 – Urban Poetry Unveiled: Decoding the Essence of TENWAYS E-Bikes


In the bustling tapestry of urban life, where the rhythm of wheels against asphalt creates a unique symphony, emerges TENWAYS – a brand that doesn’t just manufacture E-bikes; it crafts poetry in motion. Founded in May 2021, this brand is not merely a player in the E-bike arena; it’s a maestro orchestrating a movement towards a more sustainable, stylish, and joyous mode of urban commuting.

Crafting the Urban Aesthetic

TENWAYS, a beacon in the E-bike realm, draws inspiration from the poetry of city life. Established under the seasoned wings of the Qianlida Group, this brand is not a newcomer to the cycling scene but a luminary rewriting the narrative. Liang Xiaoling, the visionary mind behind TENWAYS, took the reins in 2014, steering the Qianlida Group towards the uncharted territories of E-bikes. And thus, in 2021, the world witnessed the birth of TENWAYS, a brand that weaves the fabric of urban elegance into every design and feature.

The allure of TENWAYS lies not just in its products but in the ethos it embodies. The CGO600 and CGO800S, TENWAYS’ flagship models, are not just modes of transportation; they are statements of urban sophistication. These E-bikes, equipped with Mivice 250W rear hub motors and Mivice S200B torque sensors, redefine the urban commuting experience. The removable batteries, intelligent LCD displays, and ergonomic designs are not just features; they are strokes in the canvas of city life.

Direct-to-Consumer Choreography

TENWAYS doesn’t merely sell E-bikes; it choreographs a dance of elegance and accessibility. The brand’s journey began with an $850,000 crowdfunding spectacle in 2021, swiftly transcending digital realms to establish a physical footprint in the Netherlands. The brand’s strategy is not just direct-to-consumer; it’s a direct connection to the pulse of urban living.

TENWAYS beckons enthusiasts not just to purchase but to immerse themselves in a community. The brand’s independent platform isn’t a marketplace; it’s a sanctuary where users engage in the poetry of city living. Through an amalgamation of online presence and over 200 physical stores, TENWAYS invites users to be part of a narrative where cycling is not just a mode of transport but a lifestyle choice.

Innovation: A Symphony of Features

Innovation is the crescendo of TENWAYS’ symphony. The CGO600, a ballet of technology and aesthetics, epitomizes this commitment. Weighing a mere 15 kilograms, this E-bike is not just a mode of transport; it’s a declaration of elegance on the streets. The CGO600Pro, crowned the “lightweight champion,” expands this experience, boasting a larger battery capacity, a range of 100 kilometers, and features like a removable battery and an integrated front light system.

TENWAYS doesn’t just innovate in product design; it orchestrates engagement strategies. The brand’s independent platform is not a digital storefront; it’s an interactive realm where users actively participate. Q&A sections, user communities, and vibrant comment threads are not just elements; they are harmonies in the melody of consumer interaction.

Campaigns: Notes in a Symphony

For TENWAYS, campaigns aren’t just marketing tactics; they’re compositions in the symphony of urban living. These aren’t just product showcases; they’re cultural dialogues. Collaborating with athletes and influencers, every campaign is a narrative that transcends the boundaries of E-bikes. TENWAYS doesn’t just sell products; it leads a movement.

As the brand made its global ascent, it aligned with the environmental zeitgeist. Collaborations with athletes like Suzanne Schulting and initiatives like tree-planting campaigns elevate the brand beyond the transactional nature of commerce. TENWAYS doesn’t just sell E-bikes; it sells a vision of a more sustainable, stylish, and joyful urban future.

In the Eyes of TENWAYS: A Vision Forward

In the realm of E-bikes, TENWAYS is not just a brand; it’s an evolving narrative. As the wheels of innovation continue to turn, TENWAYS envisions itself as more than a mode of transport. It aspires to be the urban poetry that echoes in every city’s streets—a symphony of elegance, sustainability, and the sheer joy of motion.

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