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“DESIGN IN CHINA” E94 – Unleashing Creativity: REVER’s Mastery in Bathroom Experience

In the ever-evolving world of consumer brands, REVER, inspired by the French word for “to dream” or “to fantasize,” has become a standout presence, transforming bathrooms into sanctuaries of self-care and sensory pleasure. Founded in 2016, REVER quickly established itself as a leader in bathroom culture, with its diverse product range spanning fragrances, skincare, foot […]

“DESIGN IN CHINA” E92 – Dive into Luxury: Aiper’s Stylish Approach to Pool Cleaning

Step into the world of Aiper, where innovation meets style and adventure awaits at every turn. This Chinese-born brand isn’t just about products; it’s about experiences. With its cutting-edge pool cleaning robots and bold campaign tactics, Aiper has captured the hearts and minds of consumers worldwide, becoming a beacon of creativity in the smart home […]

“DESIGN IN CHINA” E91 – Nice Rice : Elevating Minimalist Fashion with Substance and Strategy

Nice Rice, established in 2018 by visionary founder One Sun, emerged from Shanghai with a clear mission: to redefine minimalism in fashion. The brand’s ethos, “It’s just clothes,” reflects a dedication to simplicity, quality, and a return to the basics of apparel. Specializing in men’s clothing, including shirts, sweaters, outerwear, and pants, Nice Rice has […]

“DESIGN IN CHINA” E88 – Urban Explorers: Inside the World of 蕉下Beneunder

In a world pulsating with the promise of adventure, there emerges a brand that epitomizes creativity, innovation, and flair: 蕉下Beneunder. Founded in 2013, Beneunder has carved its niche as the vanguard of lightweight outdoor gear, seamlessly blending cutting-edge design with unparalleled functionality. A Creative Odyssey From its inception, 蕉下Beneunder set out to redefine the outdoor […]

“DESIGN IN CHINA” E87 – From Concept to Campsite: How BlackDog Redefines Outdoor Lifestyle with Innovation

In the vast expanse of the outdoor gear market, where every brand vies for attention with promises of rugged reliability and cutting-edge technology, one brand stands out with its unique blend of creativity, innovation, and direct-to-consumer strategy: BlackDog. Nestled in the bustling landscape of e-commerce, BlackDog has redefined what it means to be a lifestyle […]

“DESIGN IN CHINA” E83 – Empowering Parenthood: MomPick’s Path to Creative Connection

In a world where parenting is both a joy and a challenge, moms are constantly seeking the best for their little ones. Enter MomPick, a brand synonymous with care, innovation, and dedication to children’s well-being. MomPick, known as “兔头妈妈” in Chinese, has emerged as a trailblazer in the realm of children’s personal care, particularly in […]