“Design in China” e27 – 波司登 Bosideng – China’s #1 Down Jacket Brand

Down jackets have evolved from functional warm outerwear to a trendy winter essential thanks to a client base increasingly made up of young people. Bosideng, one of the top-selling down jacket brands globally in volume, has profited from its strong core competitiveness as the down jacket business has become more concentrated. Bosideng established in 1976 in a town close to Shanghai, expanded over 30 years to control more than one-third of the down jacket market in China. It created its line of down jackets in response to the booming demand for high-quality outerwear in the 1990s, and by the middle of the 2000s, it had established itself as a household name in China’s mass market. As a Chinese brand, Bosideng didn’t have a lot of direct and vertical rivals before Beijing 2022 and hype around winter sports. See below brand ambassador Eileen Gu.

The company aspires to become a global expert in down jackets like the North Face or Canada Goose. Since choosing to concentrate on down jackets exclusively three years ago, Bosideng has seen an increase in its sales from younger customers. 2018 saw the brand make its New York Fashion Week debut, sending shockwaves through local and international markets. It has been invited as an independent brand to New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, and London Fashion Week every year from 2018 through 2020.

Bosideng presented to the world the professionalism and creative prowess of a Chinese brand. With the debut of its “Dengfeng” line in 2019, Bosideng raised the bar for down jackets worldwide and once more assisted the Chinese Mountaineering Expedition in reaching the summit of the 8848.86-meter Mount Everest. The Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman and the supermodel Kendall Jenner picked Bosideng, specifically during Milan Fashion Week in 2019, drawing the interest of international fashion media like Vogue. According to systematic research conducted from July to August 2021 by Euromonitor International on the competitive landscape and top brands in the global down jacket market, the Chinese down jacket brand Bosideng surpasses all other competitors in terms of sales. The down jackets firm is now intensely focused on the worldwide luxury market to compete with companies like Canada Goose, MCM and Moncler after overextending itself and cutting costs. With more than 3,000 physical outlets worldwide, the Chinese down jacket retailer has its sights set on the global market. While Japanese DESCENTE and Canadian – Chinese owned Arc-teryx or Patagonia have made down coats a premium standard, Bosideng claims to provide them for the mass market at a cheaper price point.

Additionally, Bosideng constantly pursues digital innovation in the supply chain for a robust online presence in operations. It has established a data middle platform to connect all the supply chain linkages and provide a simplified and effective online service. Bosideng has also streamlined the front-end sales, middle-end inventory, and back-end manufacturing outsourcing processes to respond to market demand fast. This enables Bosideng to offer all of its clients a quick and secure service. It has punctually provided the raw and auxiliary materials and regulated the inventory to maintain this level of customer satisfaction, making it more risk-resistant and enabling quality and dependability in our service. To better manage inventories in physical shops and accomplish targeted marketing for its online operations, for the instance, it relied on Alibaba’s data insights to forecast sales success. Worldwide demand for winter sports and a quick-thinking omnichannel approach in collaboration with online platforms like Alibaba Group fuel its ambition to be the number one down jacket brand globally, which might just happen.

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